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Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions for translation offices of WKO (Austrian Federal Economic Chamber) are valid together with the following supplement:

Written agreements mentioned in the terms and conditions of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber are equivalent to verbal agreements if they are documented in written form by the contractor resp. if they correspond to branch customs.

Conditions of delivery:

If nothing else is declared and if it is technically possible the translation is delivered as a word document via e-mail. In this case the contractor’s transmission protocol provides evidence of the delivery resp. of the time of delivery.

The contractor’s delivery obligation is met by delivery of the flow text. If texts cannot be sent via e-mail due to special graphic formats which enlarge the file size the contractor is authorized to delete those diagrams and to deliver only the text. The client bears the risk of possible delays due to technical reasons.

Conditions of payment:

50 % on placing of order, 50 % on delivery of complete translation.

Additional fees:

Additional fees are charged for rush orders resp. orders which must be carried out under special circumstances:

- delivery within 24 hours
20 % up to 5 pages, 50 % for more than 5 pages

- delivery wihtin 72 hours:
30 % up to 20 pages, 100 % for more than 20 pages

- special circumstances:
Additional fees will be charged according to expenditure of time (hourly rate) resp. according to additionally incurred costs (e.g. delivery of the translation in any other program than Microsoft Word; special form).